Monday, June 28, 2010

What do you do when your pump will not fit?

The bicycling family, that we are, needed to go to "Stuff-Mart" to get some "Stuff". On our way home my son punctured his rear tire on some glass (broken beer bottles are a direct result of the open container law) that was on the edge of the road. We didn't have a tube for his bicycle (700x23C) so I thought i would just patch it. But when I got out the pump out to inflate the tube I realized that the cheap pump that I had would not attach to a presta valve. BUMMER! This means I need to get creative.

So I:
  • attached his front wheel, to the rear, on the non-drive side of his bike, outside the frame,
  • towed his bike with the Ute, 
  • hung his rear wheel hanging from his handlebar,
  • had my daughter ride the back of the Ute,


  • had my son ride my daughters bike.
We were back moving and back home in no time at all.
Adapt, Overcome, and Execute!


  1. Actually the problem is not open container law; it's lack of container deposit. Even a wino (in some cases, especially winos) will think twice about smashing a bottle if he can get five cents for it. It doesn't sound like much, but it's enough incentive for the roads to get cleaned up.

  2. A good argument for carrying a Presta-to-Schrader adapter in the patch kit. At my LBS, they cost $.99

  3. I was unprepared! You cannot always be prepared for everything. I have changed out the pump on the UTE to one that fits both kinds! Now I am ready for anything!

  4. Even the deposit law doesn't work completely, but it does help. Being unprepared happens to the best of us. But is looks like you figured out a way to overcome it.

    Presta adapters or dual purpose pumps are the way to go. I have also stashed the appropriate sized inner tube under the seat of every bike I own...just in case.