Monday, June 7, 2010

The Ute Becomes A Tow Bike!

Have any of you ever towed a car with another car? Most people have done that! Then has anyone towed a Bike with another bike?...
The "Tow Bike"
      Today I had to go to run the simulator at work, so that meant six hours of video railroading, and time spent indoors. Well job is not usually predictable at all, but today was a rare occasion that I knew where I was to be at a given time. A colleague of of mine had mentioned to me that he had a bicycle that needed a good home ( read: one with a bicycle mechanic). So the Ute and I volunteered to take in the poor rejected little hybrid. Because of the predictability of todays "schedule" ( I don't get to use that word much) he was able to meet  me and deliver the bicycle.
    The Ute worked as a "Tow bike" very well; except for the wobble and jiggle from the load constantly shifting and feeling like I was dragging a boat anchor behind me. I  made it home though! It was fun!

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