Friday, February 26, 2016

Sometimes you have to be rescued!

Went for a ride on a nice rainy night and had to be rescued by the wife. I really should buy tubes with longer valve stems.

The last little bit is coming soon!

Colleyville's construction will complete the remaining gap of the Cotton Belt Trail linking Grapevine to North Richland Hills without interruption.

Once the gap—between Grapevine and Colleyville—is filled, bicyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel from North Richland Hills to Grapevine uninterrupted. All that remains to connect the Cotton Belt Trail is a portion of about 800 feet, which is from Colleyville’s entry sign to the existing trail on John McCain Road. Construction is currently underway on this small portion of the trail. Colleyville officials said the gap is expected to be closed by spring.

Elsewhere on the Trail

At Rufe Snow drive there is a trailhead under construction. The trail head will feature a water fountain, a shade with benches, and a bicycle rack.

There is a rumor that:
LD Lockett park will get a bike repair station.