Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mellow Johnny's bike shop coming to Fort Worth.

Lance Armstrong's iconic bike shop Mellow Johnny's will be coming to Fort Worth probably opening this fall.  Mellow Johnny's had said on their website it was supposed open spring 2015 however not making that spring date. The bike shop will be located in the new Clear Fork Trailhead development along Trinity Trails.  Their website describes it as…

            The Cycling and Fitness Center has broken ground, with an opening slated for late Spring 2015. In addition to Mellow Johnny’s, the 13,000 square foot facility will house a fitness studio that expands off the initial Trailhead concept. With views of the Trinity River and the Trinity Trail system, the rooftop bar will have food, beer and wine service during evening hours and on weekends. Much like Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, the Trailhead location will be a gathering place for shoppers, cyclists, and diners.

Here's to hoping that it becomes a cool destination to bike to!

New traffic counter on the Cotton Belt Rail Trail

     While riding out to breakfast I noticed this newly installed bollard along the trail. It is located just east of Holiday Lane right before the curves. I haven't been able to find anything on the NRH website about it. It is a passive infrared and inductance loop combined counter. It will count the number of bicycles and pedestrians that move along the trail, logging the time and help the city make better decisions in regard to maintenance and future planning.
    Help us keep the count up and ride by this thing whenever you can. I have a suspicion that the more use that the trail sees then the more trails we will see.

Friday, September 11, 2015

On being a weight weenie!

I'm not usually a carbon fibre widget guy. I tend to err on the side of quality and longevity. So when I bought this carbon crank of eBay it was because it was the only octalink compatible compact crank. 
I had been running a Dura-Ace 7700 crankset with 39/53 gearing. I need some gears for riding in the mountains so hence the compact. The new crank weighs 543 grams and the old weighs 603 so I end up saving around 60 grams. Whoo-hoo!
That monstrous savings amounts to a free snack. 
Carbon while it can be made ├╝ber light it usually is only marginal on a single part. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey there is a new bike shop in Colleyville on Hwy. 26.

While out riding with a friend on Saturday we stopped for a peanut butter protein smoothie at Scooter's Coffee in Colleyville and while there a nice fellow told us about a bike shop. PlayTri is a new shop for Colleyville but isn't new to the DFW. This store will be their third location in the area.

Playtri is a full triathlon and bike store that provides:
USAT certified coaches that will help you set and reach your individual goals through a variety of available plans.

A retail store stocked with the best brands available.

Group training opportunities to keep you well motivated, club workouts, camps, Bootcamp classes, fitness classes and informational clinics.

Races to measure your hard work from your first Sprint Triathlon to Olympic distances.

Complete youth and juniors program featuring the only USAT Nationally Ranked developmental team in the DFW metroplex

The store is open but still under construction. It will be large for a bike shop. They are certain to have just what you need.

-Do what you can to enjoy Life!