Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anyone Up For A Hill-Climb?

 This Weekend we will be heading out to the ,west Texas, Davis Mountains to ride in the Cyclefest Tour and Hill-climb. We will be leaving on Thursday  to "acclimate" ourselves to the elevation (Fort Davis, Texas Elevation — 4,892 ft).  The tour on Saturday will be 75 miles long and there will be three good climbs. The max elevation on the tour is about 6300 ft. While not Colorado it is still a great ride to help your training.  I have done this tour twice but this will be only my second year riding the hillclimb on Sunday. We will be staying at the Davis Mountains State Park . We will be camping out and enjoying the wonderfully mild weather. This ride is perhaps the most beautiful and challenging in all of  Texas.

A Nice Slow Ride To The Coffeehouse.

We had a nice ride to Keller tonight. We rode to Starbucks and had some coffee and cake. My bride was the "Bella Bambina" leading the ride there and she kept a good pace. The temperature tonight was a balmy 85 degrees. The light riding this week is in preparation for The Fort Davis Cyclefest that we are traveling to this weekend. Wish Us Luck!