Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kona Ute Electric?

This is a repost from I totally got excited when I saw the Pictures!

Kona Bikes Goes Electric

by Bike Shop Girl
Kona Electric Ute
Recently on Kona Bikes Facebook, and their Newsletter, Kona has released snippets into their newest lineup – Electric Bikes. Following close behind Trek’s Ride+ Bikes, Kona is quick on their heels with a new spin on their well received cargo bike, the Ute.

Three Models

There are three models in this new Electric line : Ticket, Token and Electric Ute.  The Ticket and Token are respectably, standard and step through models of the same bike.  The Electric Ute has a larger battery to allow you to haul on your cargo electric bike.
The most remarkable thing, we should see these bikes within the next few months.  Kona completely kept the secret on these bikes.

The Wind is Fierce!

I feel like a snail in this wind! Commute On!

White capping waves on the Trinity!

White capping waves against the current. oh the joy of a windy (30mph) commute.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reminder: Path Less Pedaled In Fort Worth Tonight

This is a repost from Kevin over at . My son and I will be there tonight see you all there!


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via Fort Worthology by Kevin Buchanan on 4/28/10

Don't forget – tonight is the night when Laura and Russ from are stopping in Fort Worth for a chat about their cross-country bike journey.  They'll be at Trinity Bicycles in the Near Southside from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM – that's at 207 South Main, not far from the T&P train station.


Things you can do from here:


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fort Worth Bike Route 360 is a Dirty Mess

You  would think that right next to the barn that the park the street sweepers, the street would be clean...You'd think! But its not. The problem that is created by the city not keeping an established bicycle route clean and clear of debris, is that it forces riders to ride closer toward the center of the lane just to keep their bicycles from slipping and sliding around. Also the mud does clog the storm drains and cause standing water in the rain. I would rather not have to wrap myself completely in plastic just to get to work. Road grime is difficult enough to keep out of a chain, so riding through mud flowing on top of the streets is nearly impossible.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Riding with My Com-padre!

My friend Eric and I went for a ride around downtown Fort Worth... It all started like this; he texts me and asks if I would like to go for a ride. I live on the north side of town and he lives on the south side(about 20miles apart) so we decide to meet in the middle. We decided on the north end of the Trinity Trails at the intersection of Bike route360 and Bike route 41. I get there but no Eric...? He texts me and says he made a wrong turn so we arrange a new meeting place, meet up and go for a spin downtown.
Eric at the Panther City Fountain!

We toured the various monuments and parks before heading to the 7th street area for Coffee at Starbucks.
Eric Locking up our rides at 7th street.

Eric an I had a very fun day touring about the city, maybe next time our little peleton will be larger!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Good Ole' Morning Ride to Work

Working on call; it is a rare occasion that I will get called to be at work in the morning like the rest of the world so today was a special treat!

The river was up and made some really pretty rapids!

This is perhaps the most beautiful street on my route!

I have found that taking pictures while riding a bicycle is difficult when you cannot see the view-finder.
 The park is beautiful in the spring!--->
This is the Ute in pure urban style!
Its the best bike!
Its Big!
Its stable!
It makes me ride slow enough to see the world!
Odd thing to see Three helicopters in the middle of the street.
I don't know what they were there for but a slight detour was in order!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The SUB (Sport Utility Bike) is WAY cool!

So I am a bicycle commuter and commuting to my job as a railroad engineer requires that I carry enough gear, and food, for at least an overnight trip. Obviously I need a bike that can carry a ton of stuff; and answering the call is the “Kona UTE”! the Ute is a extremely functional bike. While not being the biggest or longest cargo bike11-20-08_0621 offered it had all the things that I needed; bigger bag carrying capacity (a single grocery pannier on each side was not cutting it), upright position, loading deck, good brakes for rain, fenders, really low gearing, and the stiffness that only a purpose built cargo bike can deliver.

 My Old Bike on a usual “at Night” Commute.

The Kona











  The Ute excels as a commuter and basic “grocery getter”. A majority of my commuting is done at night, so I am lucky enough to get to ride when the roads are emptier than the usual times that other people commute. So far this has been a good investment!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making her hurt!

Every once in a while I get to be an abusive husband and go for a ride with my wife when she is in the mood to hurt. This morning I got to beat her up on a ride making her chase me around the countryside in a headwind. It was really fun!