Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Good Ole' Morning Ride to Work

Working on call; it is a rare occasion that I will get called to be at work in the morning like the rest of the world so today was a special treat!

The river was up and made some really pretty rapids!

This is perhaps the most beautiful street on my route!

I have found that taking pictures while riding a bicycle is difficult when you cannot see the view-finder.
 The park is beautiful in the spring!--->
This is the Ute in pure urban style!
Its the best bike!
Its Big!
Its stable!
It makes me ride slow enough to see the world!
Odd thing to see Three helicopters in the middle of the street.
I don't know what they were there for but a slight detour was in order!

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  1. The helicopters were there for a military equipment trade show at the Convention Center. They were landing them while the Main Street Art Fest was going on.