Sunday, April 18, 2010

The SUB (Sport Utility Bike) is WAY cool!

So I am a bicycle commuter and commuting to my job as a railroad engineer requires that I carry enough gear, and food, for at least an overnight trip. Obviously I need a bike that can carry a ton of stuff; and answering the call is the “Kona UTE”! the Ute is a extremely functional bike. While not being the biggest or longest cargo bike11-20-08_0621 offered it had all the things that I needed; bigger bag carrying capacity (a single grocery pannier on each side was not cutting it), upright position, loading deck, good brakes for rain, fenders, really low gearing, and the stiffness that only a purpose built cargo bike can deliver.

 My Old Bike on a usual “at Night” Commute.

The Kona











  The Ute excels as a commuter and basic “grocery getter”. A majority of my commuting is done at night, so I am lucky enough to get to ride when the roads are emptier than the usual times that other people commute. So far this has been a good investment!


  1. It was nice running in to you this morning. That is one cool bike! I'm tempted to start saving my money for one of my own.