Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping was a Blast!

The Trinity Bicycles cycle-touring introduction trip was a total blast! Initially it was hot heading out to the lake, but as the day wore on some rain came in and cooled all of us down. We were wet but happy campers none-the-less. My wife and I were very excited about the trip, we took all of the kiddos, and my bride's mother even came. With such a big family peleton of our own there were some logistics involved and even a bit of group riding instruction was necessary to help the children maintain their position in the line. Most of the route was off street trails, park roads and city neighborhood streets, so it was pretty low-stress.
   After a slow three hours of riding we had arrived. We set up camp and went swimming. For dinner my bride ( who is definitely a gourmet camp cook) prepared shepherds pie for the family. The night was pleasant and good times were had by everyone. I enjoyed hanging out with fellow bike nerds talking shop about the wonders of two wheel happiness.
    If you have never been camping on your bicycle I would recommend it highly. There is something liberating about getting there under your own power and carrying all that you need. It can make you feel like you can conquer the world without the aid of all the many trappings that surround us.

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