Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trinity Bicycles Hosting New Art!

I went downtown with my favorite artist (my bride) and helped her hang some of her artworks in Trinity Bicycles  in preparation for the Near Southside Arts Goggle. My wife who has painted for most of her days on this Earth has only recently decided to try to make a profession of her talents. I am all for the idea in that it fits in perfectly with one of my own "rules for a fulfilling life" (rule:12 Always work toward bettering yourself by: developing and discovering your talents.) The old sawyer grocery store building in which Trinity bicycles has opened lends itself very well to the presentation of art work. During the day there is plenty of natural light and the high ceilings lend a true gallery feel.

To view her website click here.


  1. That is amazingly cool. I hope to see them in person on Saturday.

  2. Awesome idea. I wonder if I can get my boss interested in doing this sort of thing?