Thursday, January 12, 2012

New pedals for the road bike!

My old pedals weighed 377grams.

My new pedals weigh 254 grams

122 grams less! Cool I can bring an extra bar an a half of chocolate!



  1. Well, I guess everyone has their idea of what ideal commuting pedals are, right? For me, I was totally psyched recently when I got a set of folding pedals, although I can't tell you how much they weigh. I do ride for part of my commute, but I also take the bus for some of it. I have a folding bike and I decided to go with folding pedals as well to make it easier to fit on a crowded bus - it makes my bike about 4" narrower over all. I guess for me, size and not weight is the key issue.

  2. So, how many grams of body mass does that chocolate turn into? Actually, since it is less than the weight of the pedal savings, it means you burn less calories per mile once you have eaten it which translates into even more body mass. Where does this madness end?

  3. These pedals are certainly not for my commuting bicycle... They are in preparation for the Iron Horse Classic in Colorado...I plan on riding it in May and every gram helps but after many years of riding those look sprints the bearings were getting pretty worn out... a friend gave me these Keo's so all i had to do was buy cleats a viola!