Monday, October 31, 2011

Cordon multi-target photo-radar system leaves no car untagged (video)

maybe this will help with the social responsibility aspect of operating a car!


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via Engadget by Amar Toor on 10/31/11

Go easy on the gas, Speed Racer, because Cordon is on its way. Developed by Simicon, this new speed sensor promises to take highway surveillance to new heights of precision. Unlike most photo radar systems, which track only one violator at a time, Simicon's device can simultaneously identify and follow up to 32 vehicles across four lanes. Whenever a car enters its range, the Cordon will automatically generate two images: one from wide-angle view and one closeup shot of the vehicle's license plate. It's also capable of instantly measuring a car's speed and mapping its position, and can easily be synced with other databases via WiFi, 3G or WiMAX. Plus, this device is compact and durable enough to be mounted upon a tripod or atop a road sign, making it even harder for drivers to spot. Fortunately, though, you still have time to change your dragster ways, as distributor Peak Gain Systems won't be bringing the Cordon to North America until the first quarter of 2012. Cruise past the break to see some footage of a field trial that's currently underway -- cars tagged with a green dot are traveling below the speed limit, those with a yellow marking are chugging along within an acceptable range above the limit, while vehicles with a red tab are just asking for trouble.

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  1. It is a measure of my paranoia that my first thought after seeing the video was to wonder how agencies such as NYPD can use the technology against cyclists or even pedestrians instead of as originally intended. I actually came up with a couple, but they will remain my secret just in case the police follow your blog.

  2. Totally! Big brother is watching always! these days more than ever!