Thursday, January 6, 2011

Colleyville's Phase 2 of the Cottonbelt Rail-Trail is under construction!

   The Cotton belt will be a continous trail from Browning dr, in NRH  to John McCain in Colleyville.
 The Colleyville Courier has the scoop.

View Cottonbelt in a larger map


  1. Now if the Grapevine/Colleyville connection over bear creek gets finished we could ride all the way to Grapevine without getting on a busy road! Hello Nirvana!

  2. I shall have to wander over thataways to take a look at the construction progress and get some shots of the work. Unfortunately, while I like the idea of the Cottonbelt Trail, it really doesn't go anywhere that would cause me to use it for transportation purposes. But that is because I live in SE Colleyville.

  3. I use it to get to downtown grapevine! It is a great way to get around NE Tarrant.