Saturday, December 11, 2010

BigBikeBarn Update

After having the barn built I had to set in to the task of arranging it how I wanted to outfit it. The basic arrangement of organization is separated into three parts, tools, parts, and supplies.

Right now I have parking for four bikes hanging from the roof.

 In the loft there is storage for three frames, which will be expanded to five when I get the chance.

  I have a beer fridge now and a new roll around toolbox. This helps with the organization of all the tools.

All the parts bins and boxes are in two places: small parts are in the parts bins above the workbench, and large ones are in the loft. after doing a few bike repairs this setup works nicely.
I have even found that being able to sit down when truing a wheel helps to speed things up a bit so one of my work benches has been shortened down to sit down height.


  1. How, exactly, does the beer fridge help with the organization of all the tools?

  2. I think every cyclist should have one of these.!

  3. Steve, The beer fridge helps me stay organized by...when I drink beer I seem to organize my tools and clean the shop but not get that much repaired!