Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Riding to Dallas and Back!

 My legs were feeling heavy after Hotter'n Hell this past weekend, so I needed a long slow ride. Carola needed a new bike light and REI had the one she wanted on crazy sale. I called around FTW to see if anyone could beat the price and no one could match it, so off  I went on an adventure. I have never ridden on this route further east than Grapevine so I was a little apprehensive about riding over in the big D. I thought, this will be an adventure if anything, and I loaded up Carola's new bike with all the needed food safety gear and set off.

I made it to the north end of DFW airport when I got a flat. The Continental Country Ride tires have great flat protection but when an inch long finishing nail punctures the sidewall there isn't much you can do.

 I made it to REI and shopped for a little while but I knew that I would be getting home late if I stayed much longer. It was already dark when I started home. I love riding in the city at night. I had a blast. The rest of the trip was an enjoyable ride and I think I will take my bride with me next time.
The haul was good and the fuel was even better!

Lets Ride and Make The World Happier!


  1. Take a look at using Mid Cities Blvd to get across DFW. It's the street that goes by the Remote South Parking Lot. It feeds into some nice roads on the Irving side.

  2. Good to know, Steve. I've been looking into riding eastward too, possibly as part of my first century. I've mapped out a route that goes south through Mansfield, then up through Arlington. Maybe a northern route would be good though.

  3. Glad you had fun! REI is certainly an enjoyable joint to go to!!

    Peace :)