Friday, September 4, 2009

September and Riding

So now that it has cooled off, I am planning to ride least for the pleasure of just riding.

I rode off to meet my wife.
had coffee.
rode across to the mall
checked out the sporting goods store
went to starbucks to use wifi.
and rode home.

A simple ride to get around but its the little moments that make it especially enjoyable....
The smell of the air as I speed through the woods on a trail, that is seldom ridden, makes my mind wander to the vacation we took to the olympic rain forest in washington. The heaviness of the humid air as I exhale makes me slow. My heart pounds and sweat drips from my nose onto my speedometer bluring it from being read. I don't care; I am exilerated! My legs burn and my knees ache as the fixed gear pushes them up and down. Cadence 140 ---> Micah

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